Special Racks

Etsi Rack

This new design ETSI Rack conforms to all of the standard ETSI dimensions, but incorporates some unique benefits over conventional designs. The frame has no front corner posts which offers improved access for cabling. Cable entry can be from either top or bottom and vertical cable management is provided by the rear corner upright channels and by horizontal support brackets in each side.

BRM Rack

BR Series 19" Rack Cabinet chassis are compact, one piece welded steel construction with 19" Rack stripping front and rear that may be used on their own, or supplied with a variety of trim and styling kits to order, or fitted by customers into their own installation design. There are three basic chassis types available. Standard 19" in 600 and 800mm depth with adjustable 19" rack stripping , these are available in 14U, 22U & 30U sizes there is also a half rack width version of the 14RU rack, the BR14HR, which can take PC or be adapted to take 19" equipment mounted vertically.

MG Rack

Monitor Walls & Gantries - The 'MG' 19" Rack frame System from MW & ELDECO has been developped for applications where Racks need to be joined and/or stacked to provide a variety of mounting configurations for applications that require multiple 19" Rack bays to be accommodated in minimum space, such as monitor stacks, outside recording vehicles etc. Frame Modules are 'Flat-Pack' and available in 1/ 1.5/ 2 &3 Bay widths with 10/12/ 15/22 & 36 RU equipment mounting space. Module sections are extremely compact with each 19" Bay section measuring 514mm in width and only 1RU (44.45mm/ 1.75") in vertical height more than the equipment RU mounting space. . Provision is made for fitting cable tray and Trims and panelling , these and wide range of other accessory items are also available

Accoustic Rack

E.D.P. is distributor for the Benelux for BDM SYSTEMS, the U.K. No 1 in computer housing systems & LAN storage systems. BDM SYSTEMS is a perfect system to house a lot of computers on a very small surface, having the biggest ergonomic flexibility. The BDM computer housing systems are ISO 9002 approved and the systems are also weight tested.

EDP SOUND PROOF Enclosures and serverracks with attenuation upto 28,5 dB. Available in wall racks and serverracks.

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