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In the contemporary digital age, the significance of server room equipment cannot be understated. ELDECO bvba – sprl was founded by Frank Decru and Wim Decru in 1983 as an electric and electronic equipment engineering and distribution company. E.D.P. bvba – sprl came into existence in 1988, thanks to the vision of Frank Decru and Dirk Plaisier. Together we merged to ELDECO-EDP. Our specialty is electric and electronic equipment engineering and distribution, with a keen focus on racks and cabinets.

Diverse server room equipment

The specialized tools and devices that make up server room equipment are the backbone of any enterprise, ensuring the seamless management and storage of vast amounts of critical data. When it comes to catering to your server room’s meticulous requirements, our inventory boasts a wide array of products tailored to meet diverse needs. Are you looking for robust dataracks designed for optimum storage? Do you need an efficient LAN station that facilitate smooth networking operations? We offer a solution for your requirements. Our collection also includes premium quality patch cords ensuring consistent connectivity. Additionally, customers can explore various accessories, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of their server environments.

Elevate your server environment

At the heart of our service is a commitment to meet every unique need of our clients. If you’re considering revamping or setting up a new server room, now’s the time to act. We don’t just provide equipment; we provide solutions for you server room. Dive into our expansive range, and should you require something specific, remember, customization possibilities are just a conversation away. Place your order today and empower your enterprise with the best in server room equipment.


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