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Standing 19" rack systems


A few years ago WQ developped a brand new patented ACCESS rack, without any corners, using a twin cantilever system based around 2 tubular endframes joined by 2 central extrusions.
This maximum working access improves the installation time and layout arrangements, so that the installation costs are dramatically reduced.

This unique open architecture without corner posts, enables a quick removal of doors & panels, top and bottom access plates. The doors and toppanels are vented to ensure a good ventilation. The ACCESS rack has a very modern stylish elegant appearance.
For the complete catalogue of the ACCESS racks, ACCESS SERVER racks, ACCESS ISP floor-plinths, ACCESS colocation racks or catalogues in many PDF-files by a click on the picture or by ACCESS


This 19 Inch rack is introduced to replace the ULTIMA range, called the FUSION racks, but is now also replaced by the EC² 19" racks, but we have still a lot of FUSION racks in stock.
The Fusion 19" rack combines a well engineered multi-purpose cabinet with the highest quality standards to offer users a cost-effective yet versatile packaging solution.
Suitable for a variety of market applications particularly Broadcast, Process control and Communications, Fusion is supplied fully assembled or flat packed with lockable glazed front and plain steel rear doors. Fusion is available in three standard heights 27, 42 and 47U, two widths 600mm and 800mm and two depths 600mm and 800mm. Optional heights and depths such as 1000mm are also available. The range has a fully welded front and rear frame providing maximum rigidity for heavier loads. The integral floor plinth with gland plates and jacking feet ensure stability and offer flexibility for the widest range of applications. The Fusion range is fully compatible with Cooper B-Line’s shelving options.
You can find all the dimensions and a complete FUSION catalogue in an Acrobat PDF-file by a click on the picture or by FUSION racks


This versatile Open communication rack accepts 19" or hard metric ETSI European Telecommunications Standard Equipment. The extra mounting holes on the front, side and rear faces make it ideal for use with the PANDUIT cable management system as well as any conventional 19" patch panel.
The self assembly kit includes front to rear steel sections which offer holes for bolting down as well as bushes for fitting of adjustable feet or optional castors. Alternatively, the wall mounting bracket kit affords the opportunity to mount the rack rigidly to a wall.


The 19" ULTIMA heavy duty engineering racks are now replaced by the FUSION rack and only made to special order by 15 pieces.

But as we still have a lot of customers, mainly in the audio/video industy, buying those racks, we still stock the 42 U and the 45U ULTIMA racks.


The new EC² Range combines quality, functionality and style in a cost effective enclosure solution for cabling and hardware installations. The standard product consists of EC frame with 2 pairs of 19" mounting angles, glass front door, steel rear door, pair of side panels, 1 plain top panel, 1 vented top panel and jacking feet. Colour: Light Grey to NCS1502Y.


ER racks have been designed especially with the budget conscious user in mind and represents extremely good value. It is fitted with full rack stripping front, rear and sides and is finished in a dark grey powder coat.
The detachable side- and rear panels have to be ordered separately and are finished in a light grey powder coat.
These racks are flat-packed and those racks are always used with open front, as commonly used in the audio-video industry. Frontdoors are not available on these racks.