EDP & LOHMEIER CABINETS prices on request - Tel. 051/25.06.10

This is a complete range of metal cabinets, terminal boxes, desks, RFI street cabinets, standing & extensible cabinet systems.
Most cabinets are also available in stainless steel.
EDP produce also EMC protected special cabinets.

All LOHMEIER pdf-catalogues are available, that you can select by puching LOHMEIER pdf hyperlinks or photos below

Terminal boxes catalogue in pdf

Bus terminal boxes catalogue in pdf

Control console boxes catalogue in pdf file

Control console boxes cable channel & support system in pdf file

Wall mounted electrical enclosures

Floor standing enclosures

Modular floorstanding enclosures

Wall mounted & standing 19" racks & PC cabinets (2.4Mb)

Desk & metal console systems

Topdesk console systems

Lohmeier workstations with top screen cabinet

Wall, standing & modular cabinets in INOX or stainless steel

Cabinets made in polyester

Cabinet heatings 20 - 200 watt & temperture regulators

TG 60 Temperature regulator

KTO1140 Small temperature regulator

Roof Fan unit
19" rack & cabinet fanunits - also EMC & IP55 is possible
19" fan units
Cabinet airconditionning & cabinet heaters

Slimline cabinet light systems

Cabinet light systems

Cabinet cable-plinths

Cabinet heavy duty plinths

Cabinet transport plinths

Lots of accessories like:

Cabinets made to special order like EDP - EMC 19" cabinets.