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MW Consoles & equipment desks

The 'EC' Series Studio Console System

The ELDECO 'EC' Studio Console Construction System offers many advantages to
the user over custom built units and "utility" off the shelf systems.


Modular construction from 'off the shelf' parts for quick delivery and flexibility of layout also allows for future design modifications.
Attractive styling combined with the highest quality materials match the style and appearance of top quality custom built furniture.
Flat packed for ease of shipping and ease of access to even the most difficult installation sites.
Large range of parts means great flexibility of design layouts. Standard layouts easily customised.
Free high speed 3d layout design and installation planning service.
Strong steel frame with full electrical earthing continuity for safety and technical performance.
Fast delivery.
Very easy to assemble. All parts bolt together using simple tools.
Large range of accessories: equipment mounting kits, cable management, 19" panels, power distribution, patchfields, etc.

To assist clients in choosing a layout MW-ELDECO have developed their own unique software, AVSYS 3D, this coupled with our extensive systems experience, enables us to offer prospective clients a free, high The 'EC' Studio Console modular construction system has been developed by MW-ELDECO as a result of their many years of experience in designing and installing Broadcast and Professional Television systems worldwide.
A requirement was established for a high quality construction system that provided all the best features of custom made furniture whilst at the same time giving greater flexibility to cater for last minute layout changes or future re-configuration, coupled with speed of delivery, ease of shipping, ease of installation - even for sites with difficult access- and all at an economic cost.
The 'EC' Console system meets all these requirements, and more, and has been hugely successful with well over 2000 systems installed worldwide.
'EC' Consoles use a Steel frame, 'flat-pack', construction system fitted with high quality panel work and real wood trims that, when assembled, has the appearance of a fully custom built unit. Despite using largely 'off the shelf' components an almost endless variety of layouts can be achieved from stock parts, minor customisation can also be easily applied to a basic design when required.
The 'EC' Console system offers the customer the best of both worlds. The finish and design features of custom made furniture coupled with the cost effectiveness, speed of delivery and a method of construction allowing for re-configuration for future equipment install changes or site re-location.
speed, design, visualisation and costing of practical solutions prior to any final commitment.
We like to give you some information about our EC console system:

The EC consoles have a modular selfsupporting framework, that allows always future design modifications and extensions of the console, but they are executed in a very nice modern finish with solid oak trims and black (other colours also possible) NEXTEL finish for the panels.

NEXTEL is an attractive high quality finish which is also extremely hardwearing, composed of microscopic neoprene granules in a special carrier medium and it feels as a soft warm texture almost like fabric. NEXTEL is non-blinking what is important in a screen area, 'sigaret' fire resistant, scratch, knock an abrasion resistance, shakes off virtually all household and office stains and is not affected by either wet or dry heat. NEXTEL is often used in professional applications as expensive cars, airplanes, high class office furniture, design lights, measurement equipment etc... For more information about the Nextel treatment, please, push here

We have also a speckled grey laminate as a standard desk surface available for very hard duty applications, like for 24 hour per day surveillance in dispatching controlrooms for security, police etc...

Under the desksurface is rackstripping that exist in 10U, 13 and 16U when big mixing consoles must be built-in, into the desksurface.

The backside of the console can be flat, recessed or equiped with rear desk equipment modules from 2U up to 18U or more. Those rear modules can be double stacked, inclinated to the front and the smaller sizes exist also with a sloped top for the cases where you want to look over the console to p.e. a monitorwall.

The console can be supported by:

  • Framelegs made of 5 mm thick aluminium, powder coated in black.
  • 19" racklegs of 10U high made of steel, with or without extended plinth.
  • 9,5" boxleg of 10U high made of steel, with or without extended plinth to be used as a cablechannel to a workfloor or to house a tower server system. This 9,5" boxleg is also more elegant looking than racklegs.
  • short box legs of 5U high. This is only used when a base lower section underneath the console is used. Base lower sections are only used when very deep material is used or when equipment has to be recessed in the backside.
  • a combination of frame-, box or racklegs is also possible.
A lot more shapes like inclinated worktops or inclinated parts of a worktop and also corners of 22,5, 45 and 90 are standard but even special corners on X or special cutted tables are possible.

Lots of accessories like VRT rack mount kits, frontpanels, shelves, cagenut fixing kits, frontpanels with cut-outs for BNC, XLR, jack, SUB-D, etc..., ALUSET panels to cut out easily the opening for p.e. a monitor, and a lot more are available from stock.