Delivery: Free for orders > 250 € delivered in Belgium. If the order is less than 250 €, 20 € transportcosts are charged.
For deliveries in the Netherlands & Luxembourgh, 70 € (for pallets) or less is calculated on the Invoice.
For the other European countries, we have a low cost transport service that can deliver normally within 72 hours.
For deliveries worldwide, we ask some transport companies for the best price, or if you have special conditions with a particular transport company in your country that can collect, we can work with them too.
All prices excl. VAT - TVA - BTW - MwSt.

You can send us your request in English, French, Dutch, German or even Spanish by pushing the hyperlink below:

English: Please, send us your request by email by pushing eldeco@eldeco.be and add your email signature at the end. We reply within 24 hours. Thanks.

S'il vous plaît, envoyez-nous votre demande par courriel en appuyant sur eldeco@eldeco.be et ajoutez votre signature e-mail à la fin. Nous répondons dans les 24 heures. Merci.

Nederlands: Alstublieft, stuur ons uw aanvraag per e-mail door op eldeco@eldeco.be te drukken en voeg uw e-mailhandtekening toe, op het einde. Wij antwoorden binnen de 24 uur. Bedankt.
Deutsch: Bitte senden Sie uns Ihre Anfrage per E-Mail durch auf eldeco@eldeco.be zu drücken und setsen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Signatur am Ende. Wir antworten innerhalb von 24 Stunden. Vielen Dank.
Espanol: Por favor, envíe su solicitud por correo electrónico empujando eldeco@eldeco.be y añadir su firma de correo electrónico al final. Nosotros respondemos dentro de las 24 horas. Gracias.