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PRODESK Accessories promo-prices excl. VAT - discounts possible


Cosmetic trim kit for standard Pro-Desk base rack units.(Fitted as standard to Solo workstations)
Standard finish:
· Outer upper panel - Black 'Nextel' MDF
· Outer lower panel - Oak or Beech veneer MDF
· Inner panel - Black 'Nextel' MDF
· Front mouldings - Black 'Nextel' MDF
· BR14TK2-UDR/ right hand + /LO or /B
· BR14TK2-UDl/ left hand + /LO or /B

Price: 526,75 €


Tinted curved acrylic door mounted on steel frame with magnetic closing strip. Reversible.

Standard finish:
· Panel - Medium grey tint acrylic
· Frame - Black painted steel
· Closure - full length magnetic strip

Price: 600,50 €

Door kits require side panel trim kits to be fitted.


19" rack modules that may be mounted under FreeForm or Standard ProDesk or Solo* monitor shelves or on swing arms (PDSA50)
* 6ru 514w x 307h x 500 weight 13Kg
* 4ru 514w x 218h x 500 weight 11Kg
* 3ru 514w x 173h x 500 weight 9Kg

Standard finish:
Black texture powder coated steel
Just the rack, without panels, side grommets, feet.

Price: 377,15 € for BRM3FS
Price: 385,58 € for BRM4FS
Price: 391,90 € for BRM6FS Also available now in 250 & 600 mm. deep

BRM-SP10 & PD-SA50

The BRM-SP10 is a foot to put under the BRM rack and to inclinate the BRM racks under an inclination of 10°, facing much better the operator.

Price for BRM-SP10: 184,71 €

Desk top mounting height adjustable heavy duty swing arm will take BRM 19" rack modules or flat equipment tray (TP).
Suitable for loads up to 50Kg.

Price for PD-SA50 BR-TP: 510,87 €
Price for PD-SA50-BRM3: 746,85 €
Price for PD-SA50-BRM4: 759,49 €
Price for PD-SA50-BRM6: 805,85 €


Equipment chassis front/rear support rails fit to side flanges of BR rack strips. Supplied with fixings.
Can be fitted with shelf panel- BRS-ES

Price for BRS-EB: 54,78 €
Price for BRS-ES: 44,25 €

A lot of accessories are available for our PRODESK series, like:

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