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Monitor walls & gantries list prices excl. VAT - ask discount

The 'MG' 19" Rack frame System from MW & ELDECO has been developped for applications where Racks need to be joined and/or stacked to provide a variety of mounting configurations for applications that require multiple 19" Rack bays to be accommodated in minimum space, such as monitor stacks, outside recording vehicles etc.
Frame Modules are 'Flat-Pack' and available in 1/ 1.5/ 2 &3 Bay widths with 10/12/ 15/22 & 36 RU equipment mounting space. Module sections are extremely compact with each 19" Bay section measuring 514mm in width and only 1RU (44.45mm/ 1.75") in vertical height more than the equipment RU mounting space. Additionally, on multiple Bay Modules, intermediate vertical frames may be omitted or re-positioned allowing wider equipment to be installed or equipment to be vertically offset in multi-stacked layouts.
Frame Modules are of steel construction painted in Dark Grey and have 19" Rack strip front and rear.
Provision is made for fitting cable tray and Trims and panelling , these and wide range of other accessory items are also available.
We have MG racks, 700 mm deep, of 7U, 10U, 12U and 15 U in stock.
We have stock of a special MG rack, the MG-TM1511000 15U - 1000 mm deep 514 mm wide.
You can download the complete MG - Monitor gantry catalogue (1.8 Mb) by pushing here or on the pictures.