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EC console Desk surface options

If equipment is to be recessed into surface panels, ELDECO can normally supply the desk panels cut out and complete with any mounting brackets and supports. If this is required the customer is responsible for providing ELDECO with accurate information regarding the sizes and positions of any cutouts and if possible a dimensioned datasheet on the items to be installed.
Alternatively a sample of the equipment should be supplied so that it can be accurately measured to ensure that the fitting is as neat as possible.
All desk mounting kits are done to order, but we already have extensive equipment fitting records and will advise customers at the time of quotation if any further information is required .

Slope Modules

10 degree Desk Slope Modules are available to special order with various 19" Rack mount apertures .
Slope modules can be positioned where required on the desk surface.

** Part numbers will depend on requirement

You can download the EC console catalogue in a pdf file by pushing here