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EC console corner layout options

Standard desk corner panel and rear module infill parts are available for 90º, 45º and 22.5º corner layouts. These can be combined to give various desk layouts turning through 90º (or more) with or without bay sections in the rear of the corner.
Base bay sections each side, or in the middle of a corner are effectively free standing and it is the panels themselves that position the modules in relation to each other. For this reason it is possible to provide custom corner layouts if required but 22.5°/45° and 90º standard layout angles give a great variety of flexibility which is normally sufficient for most applications.
Codes :- ECCK/(D if double)/angle degree.

Note: Full 19" width for desk mount equipment is restricted in corner sections.

Corner Infill modules

Rear Module Corner infills are available for all rear equipment modules to match the desk base joining angles.
Desk corner angles normally pivot around the base of the rear profiles so the front desk bays narrow towards the front of the desk. Custom corners can be provided that pivot around the front trim, but this will give a much larger desk footprint.

You can download the EC console catalogue in a pdf file by pushing here