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EC console composition

Frame Assembly
Frame profiles are in Yellow Zinc Passivated Steel. Base profiles are mounted onto substantial steel cross frame members which are bolted to the legs. Base profiles have cut outs to allow the fitting of horizontal cable tray, which is supplied.
Various profile sections can be fixed to the base profiles to achieve the preferred cross section at any point along the base. All upper profile sections are fitted with 19" Rack stripping front and rear punched to take M6 cagenuts .
Frame profiles may be bolted or riveted together and full electrical earthing continuity is provided throughout the structure for optimum technical performance and safety. Profiles can be mounted on 19" centres or at wider or narrower spacings to allow for fitting of non-19" equipment. Spacing can also be differently split between front and rear profile sections.
Base frame assemblies are fixed to box or frame style steel leg units with full cable access through the rear or base plate and up through the top plate into the console main structure. Cable tray is supplied across the base frame through the profile cut-outs.
Legs are available as 19" x 10Ru rack units or as plain narrow box sections or in 2 frame styles.(See 'Leg style options' section for futher information).
Full fixing kits and assembley instuctions are supplied with every unit.

Panels & Trims

EC Console standard finish materials have been chosen specifically to give a high quality appearance coupled with hardwearing properties and a pleasant working environment. Panel work is MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) normally FINISHED in 'Nextel' which gives a hard wearing, matt, 'Suede effect' anti-glare, anti-static surface. 'Nextel' was developed originally for the NASA space program as a hard wearing material for the panelwork inside spacecraft but has since been used in a variety of industries where a high quality hardwaring finish is important. 'Nextel' is available in a variety of colours but Dark Anthracite has been chosen by us as the standard colour offered as it looks smart, doesn't show dirt, can be easily repaired and provides a good visual working background in most studio environments using electronic visual displays. (Nextel data sheet available on request).
Desk mouldings, lower sides and cross trims are in solid Light Oak which, apart from giving a high quality attractive finish, is also is extremely hardwearing and in the event damage does occur repairs can usually be satisfactorily made by local services.
All panels and trims are pre-bushed with M6 or M5 brass bushes to allow easy fitting to frame assemblies. Desk panels with cut-outs can therefore be changed to suite new equipment fits should this becomes necessary.

You can download the EC console catalogue in a pdf file by pushing here