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EC console Equipment module options

A variety of different 19"equipment Rack mounting Modules are available for the 'EC' console base units.
Modules are equiped with rack strips front and rear to take equipment with inbuilt rack mount facilities and 19" shelf units, fixed and sliding ,are also available.

Modules of different heights can be fitted side by side full or part width on the Base.


Sloped top Modules are available with either 8RU or 6RU 19" Rack mount apertures.
The sloped top provides a better eyeline for viewing over the top of the Module. Modules lower than 6RU present no viewing problem and Modules higher than 8RU are generally not suitable if a view over the top is nescessary.

** Insert RU & No.19" Bays
SEP64SE illustrated


Flat top Modules are available with 2/3/4/5/6/8/10/13RU 19" Rack mount apertures.
The flat top provides a mountin surface for additional equipment such as Monitors and faclities for cable through access is provided.

** Insert RU & No.19" Bays
SEP104FE illustrated


Vertical FRONT Modules are available with either 8RU or 10RU 19" Rack mount apertures from stock, other sizes to order.

** Insert RU & No.19" Bays
SEP104VFE illustrated


SEP Modules may be double stacked to provide a lower slope front section with an upper vertical front section.
Any size SEP module may be stacked on any other.
If the upper modules are 6 or 8RU sloped top modules they will give a flat top when stacked.
Flat top SEP modules give a tilted forward top

*** Insert lower RU / upper RU & No.19" Bays
DEP884FE illustrated


Independent 19" Rack Modules are available in 3/4/5/&6 RU sizes with 500mm depth on height adjustable tube mounts that can be positioned at a convenient point on an EC Console layout. They can be angled towards the operator or may be mounted side by side to form a Rack 'Bridge' with a clear space underneath. When used in a 'Bridge configuration 2 support poles are used per 3 units.
Units are vented at the top and sides and side cable access plugs are provided to allow cable connection between units.
19" Rack strip is fitted front and rear
Price-info of BRM racks with swingarm - push:

* Insert RU
BRM3-TM illustrated

You can download the EC console catalogue in a pdf file by pushing here