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ACCESS RACKS List prices excl. VAT - see pricelist - ask discount

(in U & mm.)
Depths in mm
675 875 915 1000 1200 1400
22 U 1122 S S P P P P
27 U 1344 S S S S S P
32 U 1566 S S S S S P
39 U 1877 S S S S S P
42 U 2010 S S S S S P
47 U 2233 S S S S S P
S = standard stock item
5 = Non stock item (order by 5 pcs. min.)

P = Possible ( ask for a quotation)

(1400 mm. deep is also possible- not standard)

Width: 600 mm or 800 mm.

Short ACCESS catalogue in pdf file (395 kb)

Full new ACCESS catalogue June 2008 (8 Mb)


Access - The original enclosure system giving all round equipment access without corner posts. A few years ago WQ developped a brand new patented ACCESS rack, without any corners, using a twin cantilever system based around 2 tubular endframes joined by 2 central extrusions.
This maximum working access improves the installation time and layout arrangements, so that the installation costs are dramatically reduced.

This unique open architecture without corner posts, enables a quick removal of doors & panels, top and bottom access plates. The doors and toppanels are vented to ensure a good ventilation. The ACCESS rack has a very modern stylish elegant appearance.

The Access Cabinet represents the very latest innovations in enclosure design. By eliminating traditional corner posts, significant savings can be achieved by the installer and end user.

Access is highly-configurable to the end-users requirements and provides unique features to benefit system designers, installers and network managers.

We realised a lot of this 'top racks' in the Benelux market and you can see some realisations in our photo album site by pushing here.

Download pdf catalogues of special features of ACCESS racks like:

Access server rack compability guide

Access server cabinet cooling guide

Quick fit 19" blanking panels to guide the cold air in the ACCESS racks

Quick fit switch side blanking panels to guide the air in the ACCESS racks

Access base blanking panels to guide the cold air in the rack

Vertical brush strip panel to separate the hot & cold airzone in the ACCESS racks

2U Scavenger fan tray brings cold air in the front side of the servers

Access high flow ventilated server door

Access Pressurised vented door

Aisle hot containment for ISP/ASP server rack data center

Aisle hot containment drawing

ACCESS high capacity heatexchanger cabinet

I-PAL electronic access door & controls

I-PAL electronic access control programming guide

I-PAL & I-BOX critical asset protection

I-BOX total server rack control unit of:
door position - vibration - temperature - humidity - air flow - hot spot - acoustic level - light level sensor - smoke detection - intrusion sensor - PDU monitor - I-PAL control.

I-BOX Installation guide

I-REM Intelligent rack Extinguisher system - a perfect fire & data loss protection

I-PAD Intelligent power and distribution unit controlled over IP


I-PDU Intelligent power distribution unit

You can see how the ACCESS racks are built-up and fixed to a computerfloor, by pushing on the flash-movie exe  
537 kb ACCESS Flash movie (exe)